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Rae is a certified K9 handler through NAPWDA in human remains detection. She works with her K9 Oso in assisting law enforcement with Colorado Forensic Canines and assists La Plata County Search and Rescue.

Rae has also been certified in court as a Rule 702 Expert Witness in K9 handling.

30 Years of Experience

With 30 years experience as a Defense Attorney, you won't find a better trainer for cross examination tactics.

Defining Success

Success for us means that police officers have the tools, temperment and knowledge to navigate aggressive and sometimes unfair cross examination.


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ICE-T Course Training

The Last Sanctioned Blood Sport

I. Effective Communication

People by nature are storytellers. Some of us tell taller tales than others however, this remains a natural and effective way to communicate under the pressures of cross examination. In this session, Rae will show you why and how.

II. Defense Attorney Tactics

Defense attorneys are taught the art of cross-examination from day one in law school. Yes . . . there is an art, strategy, and objective behind it. In this session, Rae uncovers some of the more popular techniques used when the defense crosses law enforcement officers. She also offers defensive tactics to combat them.

IV. When Your Past Rears Its Ugly Head

I’m pretty sure everyone reading this is human. That being so, we have all done something or have had something done to us (or both!) that we are not proud of. Defense attorneys love to “dish the dirt” whenever they can in attempts to discredit you. In this session, Rae offers strategies to effectively prepare for this and keep the shine on your badge in the midst of the fight.

III. Overcoming Anxiety

If someone tells you, “Don’t be nervous. Don’t be anxious” you will only be more nervous and anxious. In this session, Rae arms you with not only the science behind defense attorney strategies that play upon anxiety, but also how to lay an axe to the root of any anxiety before you ever take the stand.

V. Correctable Mistakes

If you’re a warrior, you run towards a good fight. Cross examination, however, is not a GOOD fight. Rae teaches you in this session the “game” defense attorneys use, how to effectively play it, and how to keep your warrior heart intact.

VI. Report Writing

In her years of experience as a defense attorney, Rae has found officer reports to be a ripe source of cross examination ammunition. Reports are used to discredit a witness and establish reasonable doubt. In this session, Rae shows you some of the most common pitfalls and habits officers make and how to easily correct them for a buttoned-up report.

VII. K9 Handler Testimony

This is by far Rae’s favorite session and one in which she has had personal experience sitting under cross. Rae will teach you how to recognize defense attorney tactics designed to attack the credibility of you and your K9 and how to prepare for and defend yourself against it on the stand.

Backing the Blue with the Power of Love

Rae's Roadsides

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Pull over during your busy day and enjoy a minute’s worth of insight, encouragement, and teaching.

If you’re looking for another copycat of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
like Comedians Watching Football with Friends, Cougars in Cars Getting
Cosmos or Politicians in Cars Getting Coffee, this is not that! We are not
offering another “all about me” kind of post! Rather, Roadsides give you
an opportunity to join me every week for a quick 60 second teaching from
the Word of God. You’ll get a boost to help you through your shift,
encouragement on a tough day or, an answer to a problem.
These days we all need more support, compassion and love. So pull over
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What Our Clients Say

I think Rae's Seminar was extremely useful because it identified an aspect of law enforcement that officers get very little training in and filled in that gap with useful, practical instruction.
K Cannon
Cortez, CO
Overall, I would rate this instructions as Excellent, with Rae exceeding my expectations of knowledge and organization. Rae provided the feel and scenario of a real life courtroom cross examination while coaching our team on the mind set of defense attorneys.
S Lobato
Cortez, CO